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Enano CMS 1.1.6 released

After a grueling 5 months of development, the Enano CMS Project is extremely proud to announce the release of Enano CMS version 1.1.6, the first beta-quality release in the series that will end with Enano 1.2.0, the next-generation stable series of Enano.

Enano 1.1.6 features innovative and unique additions such as Live Re-Auth, a brand new default theme, HMAC-SHA1 password encoding, and filter-based log search. There is also a brand-new, redesigned administration panel along with many improvements to performance. In fact, Enano's page generation time has been cut in half since version 1.1.5, and the number of SQL queries per page has been reduced to 13 after a clean install.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2009-05-16

Enano 1.0.1 has arrived!

Enano 1.0.1, lovingly known to us geeks as Loch Ness, has arrived after nearly 2 months of constant development.

This installment introduces support for tags on pages, page groups, breadcrumbs (a trail of wiki pages), memberlists, manual user activation/deactivation, several huge UI improvements and much, much more!

Several XSS vulnerabilities have been fixed, a few upgrade bugs left over from 1.0 have been fixed, and UTF-8 characters work!... read more

Posted by Conan Kudo (ニール) 2007-09-07

Enano 1.0 RC2 (Clurichaun) released

Enano CMS is a content management system with a focus on usability and dynamic content. It was designed to have a small core with many features added via plugins. Today the Enano project has hit a major milestone in the road to the gold release.

Over two months of constant development and testing has paid off. The
Enano CMS team is proud to present Enano 1.0 Release Candidate 2,
which will become the gold release if no further bugs are found. This
release features the following improvements:... read more

Posted by Conan Kudo (ニール) 2007-05-29

Another man to the Enano CMS Project Team

Neal Gompa, aka king_inuyasha, has joined the official Enano team. Neal's chief role is quality assurance and testing, but he will also be helping with marketing, advertising, and SEO.

"I think the Enano CMS Project has great ambitions," said Neal in an interview, "and I hope that my part in the development and cultivation of the project will help [to] bring Enano CMS to the forefront of the CMS industry."... read more

Posted by Conan Kudo (ニール) 2007-05-29

Enano 1.0RC1 (Leprechaun) released

After two months of intense development, Enano 1.0 Release Candidate 1 has finally arrived.

The first thing you probably noticed was the new theme. No, it won't replace Oxygen - I just figured that I'd get pinched real bad if I didn't wear any green. :-P Leprechaun adds a ton of new features and fixes - see if you can find 'em all.

This release is very close to being feature-complete, and it seems to be pretty stable as well according to my tests. (Thanks to Neal Gompa for setting up a virtualized testing environment and testing Enano on Windows Server 2003!) If you find any bugs then please check the KNOWN_BUGS file included with the Leprechaun tarballs, and if it's not listed then report it here.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-18