EmuTOS version 0.9.7

Major changes:
- BIOS: add support for extended MBR partitions
- BIOS: add support for MonSTer board
- BIOS: configure & size ST-RAM on TT
- BIOS: add support for Eiffel on CAN bus on ColdFire EVB
- BIOS: add 5MS cookie to support FreeMiNT on non-Atari hardware
- BIOS: add support for Apollo Core 68080
- BDOS: set archive flag when file is created/modified
- EmuDesk: allow disk delete via desktop File menu item
- EmuDesk: implement desktop 'Install devices'
- EmuDesk: implement desktop 'Install icon'
- EmuDesk: implement desktop 'Remove desktop icon'
- EmuDesk: rewrite 'Install application'
- EmuCON2: provide a standalone version of EmuCON2

Posted by Roger Burrows 2016-11-17

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