EmuTOS version 0.9.6

Major changes:
- AES: fix pattern problem in window title line
- AES: prevent crash when NVDI is installed
- BDOS: fix bug: memory allocated by a TSR could be freed
- BDOS: implement etv_term()
- BIOS: clean up pending IRQ from flopunlk(), fixes some ACSI problems
- BIOS: clear data cache after DMA read, fixes ACSI problem on TT
- BIOS: do not clear the free ST-RAM on startup
- BIOS: enable MIDI input
- BIOS: initialise DMA sound matrix on Falcon
- BIOS: fix Flopxxx XBIOS calls to work with FastRAM
- BIOS: fix floppy motor-on problem during initialisation
- BIOS: fix memory bank detection to work on ST and STe
- BIOS: prevent reset vector being called on cold reset
- EmuCON2: add 'mode' command
- EmuCON2: fix EmuCON crash if system call is intercepted
- EmuDesk: allow TT desktop to select TT medium res
- EmuDesk: fix bug: copy/move could target the wrong folder
- EmuDesk: fix display of numeric values in desktop dialogs
- EmuDesk: fix rubber-banding for text-mode desktop windows
- EmuDesk: hide Shutdown if the machine can't shutdown
- EmuDesk: improve desktop move performance by using rename if possible
- EmuDesk: change menu bar to be more like Atari TOS
- General: fix EmuTOS to run on real TT hardware
- General: merge boot.prg + ramtos.img into emutos.prg
- VDI: fully implement VDI support for TT video

Other changes:
- AES: clean up if program fails to issue appl_exit()
- AES: fix loop when deleting non-existent object
- AES: fix handling of Delete key by objc_edit()
- AES: fix value returned by evnt_button()/evnt_multi()
- AES: reset the default drive on resolution change
- BDOS: fix volume label handling to conform to TOS standards
- BIOS: add new cookie _MCF to the cookiejar
- BIOS: add support for RTC on ICD AdSCSI Plus board
- BIOS: add support for TT MFP (MFP #2)
- BIOS: add support to run "reset-resident" code
- BIOS: allow EmuTOS floppy to boot other floppies
- BIOS: clear system variables if EmuTOS loads into RAM
- BIOS: fix console font height with Hatari extended video modes
- BIOS: fix ide_identify() on Amiga
- BIOS: fix NVRAM year on TT
- BIOS: fix return codes for dmasound functions on ST
- BIOS: fix return codes for TT shifter functions
- BIOS: fix some NVRAM reset problems
- BIOS: fix sound volume on TT
- BIOS: fix _screenpt processing for TT, Falcon
- BIOS: flush the data cache before a warm or cold reset
- BIOS: initialize the IKBD clock on first boot only
- BIOS: rewrite MegaST(e) real time clock handler
- EmuCON2: fix EmuCON welcome message for ST-Low
- EmuDesk: add 'No sort' to desktop sort options
- EmuDesk: add desktop shortcuts for scroll-by-page
- EmuDesk: ensure desktop menu bar fits within screen
- EmuDesk: fix display of volume label in disk info dialog
- EmuDesk: improve EMUDESK.INF error checking
- EmuDesk: show the emulated machine name on Hatari even with --natfeats yes
- General: always use STOP instruction in 'wait for interrupt' loops
- General: create valid filesystem with hidden EmuTOS image on auto-booting floppy
- General: do not wait for a key at EMUTOS.PRG startup
- General: pretend to be TOS 1.04 in 192k ROMs
- General: use country id as part of emutos.prg/emutos.st name
- VDI: fix v_curtext()
- VDI: implement vq_curaddress()
- VDI: improve performance of cursor display routine
- VDI: rewrite vr_trnfm() to fix bugs and save space
- Lots of source code cleanup and minor bug fixes

Posted by Roger Burrows 2016-05-21

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