EmuTOS version 0.9.5

Major changes:
- AES/BIOS: implement critical error handler
- BDOS: fix file not found issues with Steem hard disk emulation
- BDOS: implement Pexec mode 7
- BIOS: add alt-arrow support (mouse actions via keyboard)
- BIOS: add dual keyboard support (for Greek/Russian keyboards)
- BIOS: allow user to specify boot partition at startup
- BIOS: allow EmuTOS to recover from program exceptions in user programs
- BIOS: auto-detect multiple IDE interfaces
- BIOS: fix detection of C: drive with Steem
- BIOS: fix early stack initialization on Amiga
- EmuDesk: improve text object alignment for translated strings
- VDI: add line-A flood fill; all line-A opcodes are now supported

Other changes:
- AES: increase button spacing in alerts
- AES: increase AES stack size for Coldfire machines
- BDOS: evaluate TPAsize flags in Pexec processing
- BDOS: fix bug in cross-directory rename
- BIOS: use interrupts for serial console instead of polling
- BIOS: fix FPU detection: 68881/68882 are now differentiated correctly
- BIOS: fix delay_loop() timing for M548X machines
- BIOS: fix key repeat bug when entering values via alt-keypad
- BIOS: implement XHInqDriver() XHDI function
- BIOS: fix some XHDI return codes (EDRIVE and EWRPRO)
- BIOS: add explicit delay for parallel port strobe (fixes printing on fast systems)
- BIOS: fix nationality code in ROM header
- EmuCON2: translate text (note: some country codes use English by choice)
- EmuDesk: allow folders being displayed in an open window to be moved/deleted
- EmuDesk: allow desktop "rubber-banding" in all directions
- EmuDesk: display year as 4 digits where possible
- EmuDesk: use _IDT cookie for EmuDesk date/time formatting
- EmuDesk: fix bug in "sort by date" for directory display
- EmuDesk: allocate screen objects dynamically
- General: convert source code repository to git
- General: implement error checking for translated alerts
- General: replace "make release-version" with "make version"
- VDI: ignore lineA variable 'multifill' for linearect() and lineapolygon()
- VDI: speed up drawing of horizontal lines by vpline()
- VDI: fix lineA rectangle fill bugs
- VDI: fix gap in circle drawn by varc()
- VDI: fix VDI wideline display in 320x480 resolution
- Lots of source code cleanup and minor bug fixes

Posted by Roger Burrows 2015-10-25

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