EmuTOS version 0.9.2

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Added most Line-A functions.
- Added support for poweroff on the FireBee.
- Added support for SD/MMC Cards on FireBee, including hot swap.
- Improved IDE and CompactFlash support.
- Added support for the FireBee external 2"1/2 IDE connector.
- Improved ACSI support (including SCSI via converter).
- Fixed compatibility with fVDI (including aranym.sys).
- Fixed intermittent problems booting emutos-ram.
- Improved determination of disk capacity & blocksize.
- Improved detection of FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 partitions.
- Improved media change detection.
- Improved XHDI support.
- Handle all valid DOS FAT end-of-chain markers.
- Speed up a few VDI functions.
- Fixed AES PATH environment variable and shel_find().
- Fixed AES shel_find()/rsrc_load() search order, like TOS3/TOS4.
- Fixed AES sh_ldapp() application directory.
- Fixed AES appl_trecord() & appl_tplay().

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2014-02-21

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