EmuTOS version 0.9.1

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Added support for the ColdFire Evaluation Boards.
- Added 256 colour support for VIDEL systems.
- Added new EmuCON2, with TAB completion.
- Added support for renaming folders.
- Added the XBIOS DMA sound functions.
- Included the full-featured desktop in 192K ROMs.
- Fixed regression: FOLDR100 message on Malloc() memory exhausted.
- Improved filesystem performance.
- Added new firebee-ram target.
- Improved desktop file copy performance.
- Improved boot speed on machines with Fast RAM.
- Fixed stack issue to allow running XaAES with GEM=ROM.
- Fixed endless loop if zero divide on ColdFire.
- Fixed compilation for m68k-elf toolchain with -g.
- Added XHMiNTInfo to the XHDI handler.
- Combined file and folder information dialogs.
- Combined copy and delete desktop dialogs.
- Added support for redirecting console I/O to the serial port.
- Automatically centre desktop dialog titles.
- Reduced ROM space usage by rewriting or eliminating many routines.
- Changed icon display in desktop windows to eliminate horizontal scrolling.
- Fixed vq_chcells().
- Added support for 256 colours on desktop.
- Fixed XHInqDriver().
- Fixed mkrom.c for 64-bit build systems.
- Many internal code fixes and cleanups.

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2013-07-03

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