EmuTOS version 0.9.0

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Added support for real Falcon 030 hardware with EmuTOS-RAM.
- Added support for Amiga hardware (including WinUAE and Blizzard 1260).
- Enabled internal IDE support for all machines, including Falcon.
- Added support for hard disks with Atari or PC partition tables (or none).
- Fixed floppy support for DD and HD drives.
- Improved media change detection.
- Added support for Falcon and TT SCC serial port.
- Many file selector improvements, including drive buttons.
- Fixed support for Hatari extended VDI screens.
- Use the default boot video mode if the NVRAM value is unsupported.
- Center the welcome screen vertically.
- Fixed the welcome screen key repeat bug when booting FreeMiNT.
- Changed GEM alerts to conform to standard TOS alert line length.
- Always center dialogs, even with high resolutions.
- Implemented fsel_exinput(), now appl_init() returns AES version as 1.40.
- Fixed vq_color() & vs_color() for systems with VIDEL.
- Fixed v_contourfill() with negative index.
- Fixed crash with BIOS/XBIOS functions numbers >32767.
- Fixed Mediach() return value when there is no floppy.
- Fixed the return value of VIDEL XBIOS functions when there is no VIDEL.
- Fixed latent bug in blkdev_rwabs() when transferring >32767 sectors.
- Added Bconmap() support.
- Fixed Rsconf() return value.
- Fixed Setscreen() to clear the screen on video mode change.
- Protobt(): added new disk types and fix checksum & serial number.
- Flopfmt(): added support for the skew array introduced in TOS 1.04.
- Fixed swapping of Bcostat() for IKBD and MIDI.
- Fixed Falcon palette initialisation.
- Enabled again Mega ST clock support in 192 kB ROMs.
- Enabled the STOP instruction usage to free the host CPU in 192 kB ROMs, too.
- Enabled instruction cache, data cache and MMU on 68030.
- Fixed _SWI cookie to set high order bytes to zeros.
- Added FOLDRxxx.PRG message when internal OS memory is exhausted.
- Consistent cold/warm reset behaviour.
- Fixed EmuCON MV command to move rather than copy.
- Changed Greece country code from 18 to 31 to match the FreeMiNT standard.
- Added internal gem.rsc and icon.rsc files, with resource decompilers.
- Many internal bugfixes and cleanups.
- Added compilation support for the m68k-elf toolchain.
- Added debug symbols for Hatari in etos512.sym.

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2013-02-28

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