EmuTOS version 0.8.7

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Added full XBIOS support for Falcon and TT video hardware
- New video mode switching dialog box for Falcon and TT
- New EmuTOS variant on ROM-port cartridge
- New UK country and keyboard layout with PAL frequency
- Added potential support for non-Atari hardware
- Fixed wrong keyboard layout read from the NVRAM
- Fixed bogus _AKP cookie values
- Fixed _IDT cookie with unique language ROMs
- Use the _IDT date ordering in the default desktop
- Fixed the _SND cookie to remove unsupported bits (0.8.6 regression)
- Added support for XHDI XHNewCookie()
- Added minimal stub Blitmode()
- Fixed floprw() to be able to read multiple sectors
- Return function number rather than zero for unimplemented (x)bios calls
- Fixed VDI polygon fill
- Fixed VDI line drawing in transparent mode
- Fixed VDI to draw text underlines & perimeters in the correct colour
- Fixed VDI text scaling
- Fixed VDI line styles and arrows for thin line arcs/ellarcs
- Fixed AES sh_addpath() when there was no PATH variable
- Increased allowed number of desk accessories from 3 to 6
- Allowed up to 7 windows on the desktop
- Fixed the desktop to use "view as icons" by default
- Fixed random character at the end of desktop "view as text" lines
- Fixed alerts with no icon and a single text line
- Changed desktop alerts to conform to the limit of 32 characters per line
- Fixed the version displayed in the desktop about box for translated ROMs
- Workaround against GFA startup crash
- New erd tool for converting binary resources to source files
- New mkrom tool to build custom ROM formats
- A lot of other minor bugfixes and cleanups

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2012-06-19

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