EmuTOS version 0.8.6

A new version of EmuTOS is available:
- Support for FAT16 partitions up to 2 GB
- Support for the ColdFire V4e CPU (allows running ColdFire TOS programs only)
- Support for the FireBee computer
- Experimental Falcon IDE driver (currently only enabled on the FireBee)
- LMC1992 initialization on STe/TT
- Better memory detection on cold boot
- Fixed the XBIOS time functions for the various hardware clocks
- Key repeat now produces key clicks
- Improved the register dump when a program crashes
- VFAT long filenames are now safely ignored
- Support for drives from A: to Z:
- Malloc() now returns blocks aligned on 4-byte for better performance
- The BIOS console now supports the 256-color modes (but the VDI still doesn't)
- The text cursor does not blink when it moves
- Fixed the STe BIOS default palette
- Fixed the VDI default palette
- Fixed the VDI functions for drawing arrows
- Better searching for RSC files
- Added desktop support for GTP executables
- Desktop windows can be scrolled using arrow keys
- Better initial icon placement on the default desktop
- Fixed the position and size of the windows when reloading the desktop
- Allow resolution switching in ST color modes
- Fixed the BCD build date in the ROM header to DDMMYYYY format
- The 192 KB ROMs are provided again
- The special ARAnyM, FireBee, floppy and RAM versions are now provided
- Support for compilation using GCC 4.6.x
- New languages: Russian and Italian
- A lot of other minor bugfixes and cleanups

Posted by Vincent Rivière 2011-11-08

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