EmuTOS has harddisk support


I'm proud to present you the EmuTOS harddisk support. See, what Petr the developer said about this:

I just commited a much cleaned up code that does the bus scanning. It scans for all available drives on ACSI, SCSI and also IDE interfaces. If
a drive is found it is scanned for partitions and all partitions are added. GEM and BGM partitions are also added to the drvbits.

I also added two XHDI functions that I needed for disk scanning. More XHDI fns will follow soon and at one moment I'll add the XHDI cookie and
MiNT filesystem drivers can start working...

For this to get going you not only need EmuTOS, but also the great Aranym - which is more than an emulator. There is a new native call (XHGetCapacity) in EmuTOS, so you need the very latest ARAnyM - v.0.0.20 from:


Posted by Martin Döring 2002-01-28

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