You want to help?

EmuTOS is a very young project. We try to create a free TOS compatible OS for to let it run on Atari ST emulators of all kinds. In the moment it is just tested on SToNX. We could need help at the following points:

- implement XBIOS calls
- implement screen handling better and in assembler
- one should not have to type "make clean ; make" each time one changes a file.
- would be nice, if .o files would be in archived libs for each subdir
- add argument specifications in function prototypes
- merge identical headers, and put them all in an include directory
- cleaning function prototypes, checking compiler warnings.
- complete vt52 console, in low, med, high rez.
- low-level floppy support (rwabs, booting a floppy)

If you have experiences in one of these disciplines and would like to help, just mail me.

Posted by Martin Döring 2001-09-29

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