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I had a OPTi 82c929 sound card. This card uses a
AD1848 codec, that has 3 line inputs. Because there
are so many implementatios based in this chip, is
impossible to find how the 3 line inputs are connected
to what devices. And, because of this issue, the
ad1848 module has the ability to "reroute" lines to
another OSS mixer.

This cool feature could be used in the emu10k1 module,
but for AC'97 mixers. For example: I have a
AVerMedia TV98, and I connected the Line-Out Jack to
the Live-5.1 Line-In, identified in OSS Mixer as Line.
But the OSS Mixer has a Video volume control that I
don't know what "video" controls... Moreover, I connected
my CD-ROM via S/PDIF to S/PDIF-In, releasing the Analog
CD-In; and my case has 2 stereo jacks. I connected
both in Live-5.1 AUX-In and Analog CD-In. As you can
see, that's a totally mess:

Video -> Line
Aux 1 -> Line 1 (I prefer to call it "Line")
Aux 2 -> CD
??? -> Video

After that mess, I tried ad1848_mixer_reroute (a little
utility that reroutes a line to another one), but
prints a "Invalid argument", and, of course, doesn't
reenroute the mixer.

My questions are:

1) emu10k1 has this ability?
2) if it hasn't this ability... are there another
method to reroute mixer?

Thanks in advance

p.d.: excuse me if I repeat this message. I think this
shouldn't be in Support Request, but in Feature Request.
Sorry for that.



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