SBLive Center LFE - Is there a solution?

  • Garth Williams

    Garth Williams - 2004-02-15

    I have read lots of posts of people asking how to enable the Center and LFE channels, but I haven't seen a working solution yet.  Is there a solution?

    I understand that I have to set the 3rd output on my SBLive 5.1 to analog, which I have done in emu10k.config, but no luck.

    as a temporary measure I have done the following:

    emu-dspmgr -z -x
    emu-config -a
    emu-dspmgr -a"fx12:Rear L"
    emu-dspmgr -a"fx13:Rear R"
    emu-dspmgr -a"fx10:Front L"
    emu-dspmgr -a"fx11:Front R"
    emu-dspmgr -y

    and plugged the Center/LFE cable into the Rear socket (this effectivly puts the rear and front channels into one and remaps the Center/LFE to use the rear output).

    Is there a way get the Center/LFE channel working so that I have have all 6 channels on 6 seperate speakers?

    (Exactly the same hardware setup works with no problems on windows)

    • Niels Weber

      Niels Weber - 2004-04-14

      I have the same problem, I was already thinking I'm going crazy as I couldn't see what I setup wrong. Any solution would be greatly appreciated.

    • S.J. de Reede

      S.J. de Reede - 2004-10-31

      Is this problem solved yet? I'm using the Movix2 linux mini distro, and I'm not getting output on my center/lfe

    • S.J. de Reede

      S.J. de Reede - 2004-11-09

      Does this script, posted under patches, work for any of you: ?

      I can't test it, since I don't have emu-tools on my MoviX2 distro.


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