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Hi, I want to show you a little problem that I have
with your drivers.
My soundcard is an Audigy player, my kernel is a
2.4.18, and your drivers are the 2002-02-14.
The problem is that the PCM sound (and seems to be only
it) is a bit distorted and volume is a bit
more high at left speaker.
I have also tried to lower PCM volume but the problem
is the same.
This problem is more strong when I use the Line-Out
jack, and does NOT exist in the previous

I hope that you can help me for know if it is a bug or
something else.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I've seen this onetoo - it happens on digital out and
    analogue out.

  • Jon Westgate

    Jon Westgate - 2003-02-06

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    I've just got my self a brand spanking new audigy platinum eX
    it seemed to work fine for about 2 hours. But then there was
    some noise and distortion from the left channel (I rebooted)
    and now I have the exact same problems about a 6dB
    difference in volume and digital clipping most evident in
    the left channel
    I was about to take my card back but maybe its a buggy driver

  • Jon Westgate

    Jon Westgate - 2003-02-06

    Logged In: YES

    I just tried emu10k1-v0.19a and all is fine, no distortion
    and the balance is restored. Good job I checked (saved me a
    long journey to the shop I got my card from)
    I'm going to do a diff and see what changes were made (I'll
    bet some of the audigy2 stuff is conficting)


  • Jon Westgate

    Jon Westgate - 2003-02-06

    Logged In: YES


    some more investigation has proven that something in the
    0.20 driver is writing some incorrect value to a register
    somewhere. The older driver is relying on the default power
    on value.

    In order to restore correct function not only must you
    switch to driver 0.19 but a full powering off of the system
    is required (reset is not sufficient).

    I'm not a programmer but looking at the code there ware some
    registers or varables that were 32 bits in the 0.19 driver
    that are now 16 bits could it be that the upper 16 bits was
    pushing other code into the right place or at least into a
    place where it didn't cause this problem.

    I'm going to resubmit this bug with a slightly better



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