#18 Delete Labels in Region

Labeller (12)

I would like to see a Button/Menu Entry/Whatever that enables the user to select e region and delete all labels on a selected level.
This could easily be done as a Module but might be of interest in the core labeller.


  • Tina John

    Tina John - 2009-07-17
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rasnatty
  • Tina John

    Tina John - 2009-07-17

    Selecet a region -> Choose labeller menu Extra New emu script and type something like this for a segements at a Word level:

    set level Word
    foreach seg [$emu(hierarchy) segments $level $level [expr [lindex [$emu(sigcomposite) GetRegion] 0] * 1000] [expr [lindex [$emu(sigcomposite) GetRegion] 1] * 1000]] {
    puts [$emu(hierarchy) seginfo $seg label $level ""]

    One time I will make a function menu with those kind of functions, like delete the labels in Region or the segments, set all segments label in Region to X etc.. This needs more than the minute for this little script.


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