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Empty works for clusters!

Now Empty works for clusters at Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia.

One of the versions of Empty with several modifications by Sergey Zhumatiy (serg[at] was recently included into Cleo – the task management system for clusters (,\).

Sergey Zhumatiy, the developer of Cleo says: “The program [empty] has appeared really very useful – with its help the two problems were solved: it’s possible now to run interactive programs and restart the control system on the fly.”

Posted by mezantrop 2006-05-18

empty on AIX: need help!

Hello, All!

empty - run processes and applications under pseudo-terminal (PTY) sessions and replace TCL/Expect with a simple shell-tool.

Now empty works fine on many UNIX-like operating systems: *BSD, Linux, Solaris, SCO. Recently I added support for HP-UX and my friends from PSA Peugeot Citroц╚n en France tested empty on PA-RISC servers. Also I thanks them for their patches to run empty on AIX and OSF1. But now I must merge this patches with the main branch of source codes. So I need to access AIX with gcc. Anybody, who can help me with an ssh login to AIX, please reply to my e-mail zmey20000[at] Empty is free, so I can't give you much, but the place in the list of contributors.... read more

Posted by mezantrop 2006-05-10

empty on HP-UX 11.11 works well

Todey I successfully compiled Empty with gcc-4.1.0 on my C110 9000/777 xppa1.1 workstation under HP-UX 11.11 without modification of source code.

Posted by mezantrop 2006-05-09


empty-0.6.9b-cygwin or empty-0.6.9b-p1 released. It includes experimental Cygwin support. Read README.CYGWIN about installation instructions.

Posted by mezantrop 2006-04-02

FreeBSD port for empty updated to version 0.6.9b

FreeBSD port for empty updated to version 0.6.9b

Posted by mezantrop 2006-03-20

empty-0.6.9b released

* Bug in session-log file permissions fixed
* HP-UX port is ready, thanks to Hewlett Packard AO Russia and personally to Andrew Kuchinsky and Denis Korshavin for C110 (9000/777) workstation

Posted by mezantrop 2006-03-05


Bug fix release. Previous version of empty left stale semaphores in several cases. Thanks Dmitry S. Vlasov <> for discovering this bug. Now fixed.

Posted by mezantrop 2005-12-28


New version released. Several new options were added. Bug in getopt() under Linux was fixed.

Posted by mezantrop 2005-12-18


New version released.

Posted by mezantrop 2005-11-16


bugfix release

Posted by mezantrop 2005-11-05

empty-0.6.2b released

Many thanks to everybody, who helped me with good advises!

Posted by mezantrop 2005-10-30


0.6.0b version turnd out very buggy. So I tried to fix them in 0.6.1b. See details in CHANGELOG. Thanks all, who helped me with tracing bugs.

Posted by mezantrop 2005-09-25

New release 0.6.0b

New release: job control and stdin input added

Posted by mezantrop 2005-09-18

I need ssh access to HP-UX box

to develop the port to HP-UX. It will be great, if anybody can help

Posted by mezantrop 2005-09-09

New release 0.5.12b

Bug-fix release

Posted by mezantrop 2005-08-25

empty successfully tested under Solaris 10

Successfully executed on the box SunOS 5.10 Generic sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2. Compilation was tested with both cc and gcc (need to change Makefile to handle gcc and cc for SunOS)

Posted by mezantrop 2005-08-24

Simple patch added

Removes annoying warnings on FreeBSD 5.4 at compilation time. Nothing serious.

Posted by mezantrop 2005-08-17

Main web page updated page updated to be more friendly

Posted by mezantrop 2005-08-13