using <ctl> command in ant

  • Milind Chidrawar

    getting error RPC failure while executing [coverage.get]

          <command name="coverage.get" args="${coverage.dir}\" />

    • Anonymous - 2009-02-27

      Hi Team,

      I am also getting same issue while i am using ctl task in my script,
      please give the proper solution.


  • bala vinod

    bala vinod - 2011-12-07

    Rpc error will come when Emma jar are different or u have not placed latest Emma in jre folder or in Ur project..

    if u r using java version 1.6 then Emma ctl tool will not work..the Emma ctl tool is not compatible to the latest version of java(i.e from 1.6 onwards).

    except ctl tool in Emma doesn't work rest of the things will work 5ne


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