Anonymous - 2012-04-03

In the codebase I'm working in, we have been using emma for some time without issue.  However, we recently migrated from TestNG to JUnit.  Since that time, our coverage ant target is no longer producing any coverage report.  The build is still producing multiple *.emma files and a single merged file, but no coverage.html.  Any thoughts would be appreciated?  Here's what ant is spitting out abbreviated for brevity.

   [report] [EMMA v2.0, build 12221 (unsupported private build) (2011/03/21 10:40:19)]
   [report] input data path:
   [report] {
   [report]   /p4/dev/prj/product/coverage-reports/foobar-metadata.emma
   [report]   /p4/dev/prj/product/coverage-reports/bigdaddy-metadata.emma
   [report] }
   [report] source path:
   [report] {
   [report]   {nonexistent} /p4/dev/prj/product/src/java/main
   [report] }
   [report] processing input file [/p4/dev/prj/product/coverage-reports/foobar-metadata.emma] ...
   [report]   loaded 80 metadata entries
   [report] processing input file [/p4/dev/prj/product/coverage-reports/bigdaddy-metadata.emma] ...
   [report]   loaded 7 metadata entries
   [report] 38 file(s) read and merged in 61 ms
   [report] nothing to do: no runtime coverage data found in any of the data files
Total time: 2 minutes 13 seconds
EMMA: runtime coverage data merged into [/p4/dev/prj/product/ant/dev/] {in 38 ms}
EMMA: runtime coverage data merged into [/p4/dev/prj/product/ant/dev/] {in 652 ms}