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EMILE 0.4, "Make it yourself"

New release of EMILE, release 0.4, allows you to create your own boot floppy image with your kernel and your ramdisk.

Download tools from:

All is explained here:

Rescue floppy disk is always available at:

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2004-06-09

EMILE: "Quadra 610 is my new friend"

EMILE is now able to boot linux on quadra 610.

All works better when we follow 68040 user's manual to flush instructions and data cache (and thank you to the penguin sources...)

Soon, a new release with a lot of new features !!!!

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2004-06-09

Relocatable EMILE

Second stage EMILE loader is now fully relocatable.

This new feature allows to use native MacOS memory management (NewPtr and DisposePtr).
Moreover, this new step is possible using the "-fpic" option of gcc.
With the help of the "Global Offset Table" we are now able to manage and allocate BSS section, avoiding a LOT of memory corruptions ;-)

See CVS source tree for details...

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2004-05-25

EMILE first netboot

Today, for the first time, EMILE boots a debian from an NFS root.
This step will allow us to create boot disk for diskless macintosh.
I'll provide in some days a filesystem to use your diskless macintosh as X/Terminal.

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2004-05-19

EMILE 0.3 released

I test the CVS sources on my Quadra 610... and it works !
I don't know how and why... perhaps because the internal scsi disk is broken. But it's a good opportunity to release a new package !

If someone can offer me a new disk, I'll be happy ;-)

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2004-05-11

Feature on request

As I don't have a lot of time to work on EMILE, if you want a new feature (such as quadra 610 support), ask for it !

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2004-04-15

68040 MMU support

EMILE 0.2 is not able to manage 68040 MMU, but you can find this feature in CVS.

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2004-04-15

EMILE 0.2 released

EMILE 0.2 is released.
It brings major improvement in RBV macintoshes management.

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2004-02-24

EMILE boots on RBV macintosh !

Release 0.1 boots only on macintosh with a video card in nubus slot (for me, a Two-page display on a MacIIci).
Tonight, I'm able to boot on my IIci without the video card, using internal video controler !
EMILE 0.2 will be released in few days (code need to be cleaned). You can checkout from CVS from now.
A lot of code is coming from Penguin, thank you to the authors, they really did a great work with it... they make me life fun ;-)... read more

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2004-02-24

EMILE 0.1 released

EMILE 0.1 released.
rescue disk available.

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2004-02-16