Bootable CDROM

I'm happy to announce EMILE, my bootloader for Macintosh m68k, is now able to create bootable CD-ROM.

I've juste created an install CD-ROM for sarge.

But as it contains Apple copyrighted materials (the AppleDriver), it cannot be distributed widely.
It's only a first step, I'm working on writing a "dummy" AppleDriver of my own (a real AppleDriver is not needed for Linux... I guess)
For the moment, EMILE must extract an AppleDriver from a MacOS bootable CDROM.

But if you want to try it, you can download it from
(MD5: a4819b5f8fffabede499ddf52aa66728)

(if you want to create your own, take packages/binaries from and mail me to know how)

And Remember:

1- To be able to boot from a CD-ROM, the macintosh must have an Apple CD-ROM drive, not a pioneer, yamaha or other... only Apple.
2- All Apple drives I know are not able to manage CD-RW disk, so use a CD-R disk
(at your own risks. Personally I burnt 22 CD-R to make this development and thus gave a lot of money to music artists: because of french tax on CD-R, a CD-R costs 0,70 euros... hey, SACEM, I'm an artist too !)
3- after your test, detroy the CD because it contains Apple copyrighted materials ;-)
(Hey, Steve, could we use your materials for our debian bootable CD ?)

Posted by Laurent Vivier 2006-11-03

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