Le 12 oct. 05 à 11:49, Finn Thain a écrit :

On Wed, 12 Oct 2005, Laurent Vivier wrote:

OK, I remove this part and search the real reason...

Thanks. If you can find out which spurious interrupts are getting though, 
I'll help eye-ball the code (my LC III is not here unfortunately).

I have a "mac_do_irq_list: spurious interrupt 17".
This is the same as for the 840AV.
On LCIII, I can correct it using mac_disable_irq() in the loop,
on the 840AV, in fact, my modification doesn't work ("lock nubus" is not working)
I can avoid the problem by disabling video IRQ from EMILE (csCode =7, flag = 1, PBControl() on ".Apple_Video...")

Any Ideas ?

Laurent Vivier