Hi All,

I'm a small time embedded linux and hardware dev and I've always had a thing for old Macs.  I got quite a few Macs (it's approaching a small lab worth when you add the m68k and ppc Macs together) and would like to devote some of my time to help with this project as I'd love to get linux working on my old m68k Macs without needing Mac OS.  For m68k Macs, I got a Mac Classic II, Powerbook 520c, and a Performa 637cd, that are known to work.  I also have a Mac II, but I don't know if it works.  Besides that, I also got quite a few old books published by Apple documenting the old Mac's hardware.

I'll be playing with emile and looking over the code these next few weeks, so if there's anything you'd like me to test out, just let me know.

J Silverman