Hi Laurent,

I'll definitely go ahead and test EMILE on both the Mac Classic II and the Powerbook 520c this week as I have them setup already.

What I'd like to do is work with the Mac ROM side of things as I just find the ROM stuff to be interesting.  Plus, I like doing graphical stuff anyway.

Also, would you by any chance have an English translation of your article in GNU/Linux Magazine France?  I'd like to read it over.

J Silverman

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EMILE 0.12 has only been tested on Q800, if you have some time, you can test it on your systems.

You can also re-read the documentation to correct my broken english.

If you want to make some development, as Performa 637 has an IDE controller, you can write the ATA support for EMILE (look at directories firs/ and libscsi/).
Or a more easy task could be to write a shell interpreter (to set things like gestalt, serial output, run a "ls" on a partition, see the "libui" directory to read the commands).
You can also add some MacOS ROM functions (see libmacos) to set the color palette, to change the video mode, and to load a nice splashscreen.

if you want to submit patches, send them to this mailing list (with a "Signed-off-by:", like for the linux kernel... I will soon try to switch to a git repository).

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