Emilda 1.1.0 Released

By this release, the 1.1 branch of Emilda is decleared stable; thus we encourage users that have the intention to use Emilda in "real-life" environments to upgrade to this version as it represents the most recent stable version.

One of the main charasteristics of this stable release is the thorough QA (Quality Assurance) that has been conducted on this version. By QA we imply testing all possible scenarios on different environments and observing how Emilda performs in these situations; these scenarios include ones that the vast majority of users hopefully never will run into. All anomalies that were located and localized to exists within Emilda infrastructure have been fixed.

Besides thorough QA, this version supports library management features, such as borrowing and book-adding without the Emilda Distro. In earlier versions it was possible to perform these procedures, which however resulted in awkward plain-text messages on the screen that were meta-commands to the receipt- and label printers. These "features" can now be disabled in the Emilda configuration, as can also the usage of the Emilda Distro. For more on this, please consult the Emilda configurator.

We hope this stable version of Emilda will give insight in what Emilda can do for You and Your library. Stay posted on future development; version 1.2 of Emilda is in the works.

Posted by Mattias Nordstrom 2004-01-23

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