Svn (Obsolete) Log

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[r1443] by canming
2011-09-24 02:46:30 Tree
[r1442] by canming

Change GpuDevice to GpuDeviceInfo.

2011-09-19 02:49:45 Tree
[r1441] by canming

Faster Bitmap property for Image<Bgr, Byte> type.

2011-09-19 02:48:44 Tree
[r1440] by canming

Added OPENCV_STITCHING module to cmake.

2011-09-19 02:41:14 Tree
[r1439] by canming

Show the foreground mask in the GUI.

2011-09-11 04:25:21 Tree
[r1438] by canming

Fixed for added stream parameter.

2011-09-11 04:24:19 Tree
[r1437] by canming

More color conversion code. Added CV_INTER_LANCZOS4 interpolation type.

2011-09-11 04:23:30 Tree
[r1436] by canming

Change the optical flow parameter type "usePrevious" in CvInvoke from int to bool.

2011-09-11 04:22:15 Tree
[r1435] by canming

Added Emgu.CV.GPU.TargetArchs class. Renamed GpuDevice to GpuDeviceInfo. Added SetDevice, MorphologyEx in GpuInvoke. Added Stream for GpuInvoke.Remap.

2011-09-11 04:19:49 Tree
[r1434] by canming

updated opencv patch

2011-09-11 04:15:06 Tree
[r1433] by canming

Added Bitmap Visualizer.

2011-09-11 04:14:19 Tree
[r1432] by canming

updated opencv document file name.

2011-09-11 04:11:46 Tree
[r1431] by canming

Improved SURFFeature example.

2011-09-06 02:31:25 Tree
[r1430] by canming

Fixed a bug in VectorOfDMatchPushMatrix.

2011-09-06 02:30:22 Tree
[r1429] by canming

Event based Capture class.

2011-09-06 02:23:59 Tree
[r1428] by canming

minor xml documentation fix.

2011-09-06 02:13:28 Tree
[r1427] by canming

Added gpuMatPyrDown, gpuMatPyrUp and gpuMatBlendLinear in gpu_extern module. Added GpuMatResize and GpuMatReshape in GpuInvoke. More parameters for GpuInvoke.Remap function. Added stream usage for GpuBruteForceMatcher.KnnMatch function.

2011-09-06 02:06:36 Tree
[r1426] by canming

Added TestPyrLK()

2011-08-29 02:41:59 Tree
[r1425] by canming

Better comments.

2011-08-29 02:41:12 Tree
[r1424] by canming

ORBDetector. Opponent SIFT, Opponent Brief. Generic IDescriptorExtractor, ImageFeature, BruteForceMatcher GPUBruteForceMatcher and Features2DTracker. Features2DToolbox.DrawKeypoints function. GpuInvoke.Canny.

2011-08-29 02:40:19 Tree
[r1423] by canming

Generic version of GetMatrixFromDescriptors.

2011-08-29 02:25:52 Tree
[r1422] by canming

Minor performance improvement.

2011-08-29 02:24:40 Tree
[r1421] by canming

Added indexer for VectorOfKeyPoint class

2011-08-29 02:23:35 Tree
[r1420] by canming

Increased version to 2.4.0

2011-08-22 02:40:35 Tree
[r1419] by canming

Switch opencv back to trunk

2011-08-22 02:36:55 Tree
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