Svn (Obsolete) Log

Commit Date  
[r1418] by canming

Tag release 2.3.0

2011-08-22 02:27:50 Tree
[r1417] by canming

Use 2.3 branch because CPack problems in 2.3.0 tag.

2011-08-15 14:25:56 Tree
[r1416] by canming

Remove 2.3.0 tag

2011-08-14 23:05:36 Tree
[r1415] by canming

Do not build with debug info

2011-08-14 22:57:10 Tree
[r1414] by canming

Use opencv 2.3.0

2011-08-14 03:07:19 Tree
[r1413] by canming

Use haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml for face detection.

2011-08-13 02:29:17 Tree
[r1412] by canming

Tag release 2.3.0

2011-08-11 03:07:44 Tree
[r1411] by canming

Fixed a bug in debug assertion for GetAffineTransform function.

2011-08-11 02:29:45 Tree
[r1410] by canming

only package the necessary components in the zip package

2011-08-10 03:59:30 Tree
[r1409] by canming

link against opencv v230 instead of v220

2011-08-10 03:04:42 Tree
[r1408] by canming

Reduce the threshold for minNeighbors.

2011-08-10 03:03:19 Tree
[r1407] by canming

Additional support for loading image with depth other than Byte.

2011-08-10 02:49:55 Tree
[r1406] by canming

Fixed a bug for BruteForceMatcher using Hamming distance.
Fixed a bug in GridAdaptedFeatureDetector: not to free the FeatureDetector when GridAdaptedFeatureDetector is released.

2011-08-09 03:09:48 Tree
[r1405] by canming

Return empty array of MCvObjectDetection when Detect fails.

2011-08-08 02:23:12 Tree
[r1404] by canming

Not to install the Simple3DReconstruction file in the bin folder

2011-08-08 02:21:34 Tree
[r1403] by canming

install the right face xml file

2011-08-08 02:20:16 Tree
[r1402] by canming

install tessdata to bin folder

2011-08-08 02:19:05 Tree
[r1401] by canming

Fix the path for the prime sense module.

2011-08-03 03:06:04 Tree
[r1400] by canming

Improved documentations.

2011-08-03 02:39:38 Tree
[r1399] by canming

Fixed a bug in packaging documentations.

2011-08-03 02:28:22 Tree
[r1398] by canming

Fixed a bug in deploying tesseract data.

2011-07-30 12:31:06 Tree
[r1397] by canming

set pointer to 0 after delete.

2011-07-23 09:40:23 Tree
[r1396] by canming

Fix for build with Intel Composer XE and Openni.

2011-07-23 09:38:59 Tree
[r1395] by canming

opencv's CMakeLists's tbb.dll install code is not compatible with commercial version of TBB. Commented out.

2011-07-21 02:43:14 Tree
[r1394] by canming

fix the documentation path

2011-07-21 02:32:07 Tree
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