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File Date Author Commit
 3rdparty 2013-12-26 Andrey Pavlenko Andrey Pavlenko [734bf8] removing legacy stuff
 apps 2013-11-16 Anatoly Baksheev Anatoly Baksheev [37a754] Fixed compilation errors: removed using namespa...
 cmake 2014-01-09 Ilya Lavrenov Ilya Lavrenov [7852b2] updated docs according to the last changes
 data 2013-12-19 Vadim Pisarevsky Vadim Pisarevsky [b7553d] some attempts to tune the performance
 doc 2014-01-11 Alexander Shishkov Alexander Shishkov [e90d0b] changed code in python tutorial, these function...
 include 2013-08-21 Roman Donchenko Roman Donchenko [e9a28f] Normalized file endings.
 modules 2014-01-07 Ilya Lavrenov Ilya Lavrenov [da2790] added NORM_L2SQR type to cv::norm
 platforms 2013-12-25 Roman Donchenko Roman Donchenko [83fe2f] Fixed the seporate/seporator typo everywhere.
 samples 2014-01-01 Ilya Lavrenov Ilya Lavrenov [118709] added OpenCL accelerated warpers
 .gitattributes 2013-09-14 hbristow hbristow [224f44] Made changes to OpenCVFindMatlab suggested by S...
 .gitignore 2013-11-12 Roman Donchenko Roman Donchenko [3314bc] Reworked documentation building to work with ex...
 CMakeLists.txt 2013-12-22 GregoryMorse GregoryMorse [488085] Update CMakeLists.txt
 LICENSE 2013-12-18 Andrey Pavlenko Andrey Pavlenko [96f8ff] adding LICENSE file and a sample of its referen... 2013-07-30 Kirill Kornyakov Kirill Kornyakov [252a11] Updated
 index.rst 2013-09-21 abidrahmank abidrahmank [899781] GSoC Python Tutorials

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OpenCV: Open Source Computer Vision Library



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Summary of guidelines:

  • One pull request per issue;
  • Choose the right base branch;
  • Include tests and documentation;
  • Clean up "oops" commits before submitting;
  • Follow the coding style guide.

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