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Version 0.10.4 (2011/01/26)

  * CMakeLists.txt, cvBlobConfig.cmake.in: created "cvBlobConfig.cmake" for
  easy integration with CMAKE projects. Thanks to zorzalzilba.

  * cvlabel.cpp: fixed bug in the function cvLabel by which it calculates area
  off by one.

  * cvblob.h: removed references to cvCentralMoments. Fixed bug with

Version 0.10.3 (2010/11/12)

  * cvlabel.cpp: a little optimization in "cvLabel".

  * cvblob.cpp, cvlabel, cvblob.h: optimization of central moments
  calculation. Deleted: "cvCentralMoments" function and
  "centralMoments" member of CvBlob type.

  * cvblob.cpp, cvblob.h: new function "cvSaveImageBlob".

  * red_object_tracking.cpp: "cvSaveImageBlob" demo.

  * cvblob.cpp: fixes in "cvRenderBlobs" function.

  * cvtrack.cpp: fixes in "cvRenderTracks" function.

  * cvblob.h: fix problem when using "IPL_DEPTH_LABEL" outside "cvb" namespace.
  Thanks to recastrodiaz.

  * cvcountour.cpp: check size in "cvConvertChainCodesToPolygon" (thanks to
  tengyaogao). New function: cvContourPolygonCircularity.

  * test.cpp: clear image before render. Thanks to tengyaogao.

  * test_random.cpp: fixed portability issues and other minor changes.

  * CMakeLists.cmake, cvBlob/CMakeLists: compile dynamic library. Deleted

Version 0.10.2 (2010/06/07)

  * cvblob.cpp, cvblob.h: new function "cvFilterByLabel".

  * cvcontour.cpp, cvblob.h: new function: cvContourChainCodePerimeter. Thanks
  to meonimarco.

  * cvlabel.cpp: fixed wrong background in cvFilterLabels. Thanks to

  * cvblob.cpp, ...: fixed some compilation warnings.

  * cvcontour.cpp: some asserts deleted and/or fixed.

  * test_random.cpp: test improved.

Version 0.10.1 (2010/04/19)

  * cvcontour.cpp: "cvWriteContourPolygonCSV" function.

  * cvblob.h: new function cvReleaseBlob. Fixed memory leak in
  * cvblob.cpp: Fixed memory leak in "cvFilterByArea".

Version 0.10.0 (2010/03/18)

  * cvlabel.cpp: new labeling algorithm.

  * cvcontour.cpp: "cvGetContour" function deleted (this functionality is
  doing now by "cvLabel").

  * cvcolor.cpp: new file. Function: "cvBlobMeanColor".

  * cvblob.cpp: new function "cvRenderBlob". Fixed bug in "cvRenderBlobs" (now
  uses "cvRenderBlob").

  * cvaux.cpp: bug fixed (change "abs" for "fabs"). Thanks, sircoko.

Version 0.9.14 (2010/03/10)

  * cvlabel.cpp, cvblob.h: function "cvGetLabel".

  * Makefile, red_object_tracking.cpp: sample program.

Version 0.9.13 (2010/01/01)

  * several files: namespace "cvb".

  * cvblob.h, cvcontour.cpp: function to write contour to a SVG file.

  * cvblob.h, cvtrack.cpp: tracking algorithm rewritten and new mode for
  render tracks.

Version 0.9.12 (2009/12/01)

  * cvaux.cpp: new file. Auxiliar functions.

  * cvcontour.cpp: bug fixed in cvConvertChainCodesToPolygon. Problem with
  blobs of one pixel. New functions.

  * cvtrack.cpp: memory leak fixed in cvRenderTracks.

  * cvblob.h: doxygen documentation. New functions.

Version 0.9.11 (2009/10/01)

  * cvblob.cpp, cvlabel.cpp, cvtracker.cpp, cvcontour.cpp: error handling
  OpenCV's style.

  * cvlabel.ccp: Fixed another bug about ranges.

Version 0.9.10 (2009/09/30)

  * cvlabel.cpp: Fixed a mistake in the labeling algorithm.

  * cvcontour.cpp: new file. Contours.

  * cvblob.h: contours types and functions.

  * test.cpp: added ROI and contours for test.

Version 0.9.9 (2009/09/11)

  * cvblob.cpp, cvlabel.cpp: ImageROI support by Kouichi Nishino.

  * cvblob.h, cvtrack.cpp: new features. Tracking implementation.

  * test_tracking.cpp: new test for tracking. 

  * EnterExitCrossingPaths2front_blobs.mpeg,
  EnterExitCrossingPaths2front_blobs.txt: new files. Video for tracking test
  and info about the video.

  * CMakeLists.txt: various files. Updated. Also "Release/Debug" flag added to
  main "CMakeLists.txt".

  * README: updated contributors.

  * Doxyfile: removed obsolete parameter.

Version 0.9.8 (2009/03/13)

  * cvblob.h: Doxygen documentation added.

  * Doxyfile: new file. Doxygen configuration.

  * cvlabel: fixed bounding box area calculation in cvRenderBlobs, and blobs
  structure release.

  * cvblob.h, cvblob.cpp:
    + cvReleaseBlobs: new function to release memory.
    + Various: trying some optimization.

  * test.cpp: releases blobs.

Version 0.9.7 (2009/01/09)

  * cvblob.cpp: fixed little bug in cvRenderBlobs.

  * cvlabel.cpp: fixed memory bug in cvLabel.

Version 0.9.6 (2009/01/07)

  * cvblob.cpp:
    + Various: fixed some warnings and indentation.
    + cvRenderBlobs: new features. Now print blob information to log and standard

  * cvblob.h: cvRenderBlobs new features.

  * cvlabel.h: fixed issue about the calculation of the blob area.

Version 0.9.5 (2009/01/04)

  * cvlabel.cpp, cvblob.cpp: fixed bug that appears when images has an odd
  number of columns. "widhtStep", "depth" and "nChannels" are used now. Thanks
  again to Stefan Gachter for give me the solution.

Version 0.9.4 (2008/12/18)

  * cvblob.cpp:
    + cvCentralMoments: checks if central moments was been calculate before.
    + cvRenderBlobs: new function to render blobs.
    + cvAngle: check if central moments have been caclulated.

  * cvlabel.cpp: initialize "centralMoments".

  * cvblob.h:
    + IPL_DEPTH_LABEL: now is calculated.
    + CvBlob: new member: "centralMoments".
    + cvCentralMoments: image is keeping constant.
    + cvRenderBlobs: head and "defines".

  * test.cpp: now uses the new function "cvRenderBlobs".

Version 0.9.3 (2008/12/17)

  * cvlabel.cpp: rewritten changes of version 0.9.1.

Version 0.9.2 (2008/12/15)

  * README: updated instructions for instalation of dependencies.

  * CMakeList: new version and line required by CMake 2.6.

Version 0.9.1 (2008/12/12)

  * Fixed labeling: works with all the pixels of the binary image (even
  borders) and with any number of colunms. Also, the format was fixed. Thanks
  to Stefan Gachter.

  * Function "merge": it didn't return anything. Thanks to yostane.

  * README: updated.

Version 0.9.0 (2008/09/29)

  * Test: implemented.

  * README: redacted first version.

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