peter - 2010-05-08

Some more remarks and brainstorming about windows management:

1: the "show desktop" command is actually wrongly named, because when no windows are open it actually hides the desktop.

2: how about adding window-layout-schemes? Stored windowlayouts that can be quickly restored and maybe even linked to a batchlaunch-button. Im not sure if, once windows have been closed and restarted, they can be recognized again as belonging to that scheme, but if so one could create a button that would load all applications one wants to use, link that button to a predefined windows-layout-scheme that automatically arranges the applications into the layout one wants to use them in. The layoutschemes should also have to be restorable without a batchlaunch so that when opening other windows the layout belonging to a specific batchlaunch can be easily restored. When in the meantime those programs/windows have been closed the layout-restore wil of course not work but that should be no problem. It all kind of depends of wether windows can be recognized well enough for this to be possible though.

3: create new launchcommands for launchbuttons that open a list of all tasks (not through a submenu like is the case now but a direct list of open windows) and perform that command on the selected open task. For instance something like:
maybe even combinable with & like tasks_maximize&tasks_ontop
Not selecting a window and decide what to do with it, but first decide what to do and then select a window would make good management sense i think when it comes to open windows.