NSG - 2012-06-11

Hi guys,

I'm very new to the Crimson/Emerald editor and so far I thinks it rocks…but there is one feature I use a LOT in my current editor (ConText) that I wonder if Crimson has already.  I'm not even sure that the feature I use in ConText is intended to be there, but it sure is handy….

the feature I use is when I have text like this:

abc 123 !@#
abc 456 !@#
abc 789 !@#
def  789 !@#
def 456 !@#
def 123 !@#

and I want to create this:

abc-A 123 !@#
abc-A 456 !@#
abc-A 789 !@#
def-A 789 !@#
def-A 456 !@#
def-A 123 !@#

in essence, I've only added "-A" starting at the 4th character in every line.  In ConText, this can be done by adding it the first time, turning on columnar blocking (even though its not a column I'm blocking) and highlight and cut the "-A" and now if I insert the clipboard object, it adds the "-A" and drops me down to the next line at the same character position I was on in the previous line prior to the paste command, but without disturbing the text in rest of the first line or the preceeding text in the second line.  So, I can just paste a whole bunch of times and it creates the output I am looking for with it automatically dropping me to the next line after the paste…it works really fast and I use this feature a lot for scripting things.

Is there something like this in Crimson/Emerald that I can use…if so, that appears to be the only function I might lose if I switched.

Thanks in advance.