File dialog opening as full screen

  • scryer

    scryer - 2011-05-30

    Under Win 7 Pro:

    My file dialog (open file, save as, etc.) just started opening as a full screen dialog box.  I've been using Crimson/Emerald for years.  Resizing it by dragging corner or windows doesn't work.  There's no full/window button in the top right.

    I found the config files under the User directory and renamed them so it needed to be recreated, but the full-screen dialog kept happening.  I uninstalled and reinstalled from the latest package, and still had the full-screen dialog.

    Other programs (e.g. OpenOffice) don't.

    Any ideas to get back to the small dialog box?


  • Pavel Novozhilov

    Could you post a screenshot?



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