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Updated Website

The website has received a long overdue refresh.

Please report any problems or errors on the bug tracker or the developers’ mailing list, on the forums, on irc, or in the form of a Pull Request to the website’s github repo.

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2015-11-11

2.6.11 bugfix release

The 2.6.11 release is out.  This one fixes an important bug in canned cycle preliminary motion, and some other minor bugs.

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2015-11-02

2.7.2: bugfix

LinuxCNC 2.7.2 is out, with an important bugfix in canned cycle preliminary motion.

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2015-11-02

Forum Upgrade and Migration

The Forum software will be upgraded November 7-8. Prior to the upgrade the forum will be set to READ ONLY until the migration is complete. Once the migration is complete the Forum will be back on line.

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2015-10-28

2.7.1 bugfix release

The 2.7.1 bug fix release is out.  All users are encouraged to upgrade.  The changelog is available in the usual place.

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2015-10-18

2.6.10 bugfix release

LinuxCNC 2.6.10 is out.  This one contains a couple of bug fixes.  Full changelog here.

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2015-10-03

LinuxCNC 2.7.0 Released!

Fresh install instructions. Updating from 2.6.x instructions. Release (changelog).

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2015-09-06

emc2_2.4.1 Release

I'm pleased to announce the first bugfix release in the 2.4 series,
2.4.1. A number of bugs, large and small, have been fixed since 2.4.0.

The new packages are available for Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron" in the
package repositories. If you installed 2.4.0, this will be presented as
an upgrade. If you have 2.3.5 or earlier, it will not automatically be
installed as an upgrade. For more information and installation/upgrade
instructions, please see read more

Posted by Alex Joni 2010-05-30

emc2_2.4.0 Release

I'm pleased to announce the first stable release of the 2.4 series, emc
2.4.0. This version has many new features compared to 2.3.5.

The new packages will soon be available for Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron" in
the package repositories. Because this package is incompatible with emc
2.3.5 in several minor ways, it will not automatically be installed as
an upgrade. For more information and installation/upgrade instructions,
please see read more

Posted by Alex Joni 2010-05-30

emc2_2.3.1 Release

Bugfix version:
* hm2: fixed a bug that would cause the stepgen to oscillate by one
step when the scale was negative
* hm2: use stepgen accel headroom in sample configurations
* configs: add GEOMETRY=AXYZ to Sherline4Axis so A rotates
* Fix hal_joystick 'HAL: ERROR: pin_new called after hal_ready'
* documentation improvements
* Fix User and HAL manual links in applications menu
* latency-test: fix illegible font on some systems
* comp: fix a compiler warning when array variables are used
* x86_64/rtai: fix a crashing bug reported by Michael Buesch
* ppc64/sim: fix a compilation error reported by Michael Buesch

Posted by Alex Joni 2009-05-17

emc2_2.3.0 Released

I'm pleased to announce the first stable release of the 2.3 series, emc
2.3.0. This version has many new features compared to emc 2.2.8.

Read the changelog attached to the 2.3.0 filerelease for a list of new features/fixes.

The new packages are now available for Ubuntu 6.06 "Dapper Drake" and 8.04 "Hardy Heron" in the package repositories. Because this version is incompatible with emc 2.2.8 in several minor ways, it will not automatically be installed as an upgrade. For more information and installation/upgrade instructions, please see read more

Posted by Alex Joni 2009-04-19

emc2_2.2.8 Released

Some important bugfixes:

* Documentation improvements
* Fix rare incorrect movement for G2 and G3 arc moves
* partial swedish translation now under correct 'sv' language.
* hostmot2 improvements: encoder velocity and index mask. stepgen step types and bugfixes. better logging. improved device firmwares.

Posted by Alex Joni 2008-12-14

EMC: 2_2.2.7 Released

EMC is software that implements real-time control of equipment such as machine tools, robots, and coordinate measuring machines. It runs in realtime under Linux with the RTlinux or RTAI patch. It provides a software PLC, and uses the HAL for flexibility.

Another set of exciting bugfixes:
* pop up a message when the right kernel isn't running
* halcmd will now show an error message instead of segfaulting when inadequate locked memory is available
* allow emc2-sim to be built on 8.04
* stepconf: fix "negative SCALE" problem reported by Christopher Purcell
* comp: fix bad C code generated from variable array declarations such as 'variable double output[8];'
* documentation improvments
* axis: "touch off" of rotary axis on metric machine
* hostmot2: Support all the PCI, PC/104-Plus, and EPP "Anything I/O" boards: 5i20, 5i22, 5i23, 4i65, 4i68, and 7i43. PCI users should switch from hm2_5i20 to hm2_pci driver.
* hostmot2 changes: Config changes required! pwmgen.scale now works as advertised; stepgen timing params are "u32 ns" instead of "float seconds"; and stepgens now have a .enable pin which needs setting.
* hostmot2 feature additions: Added PDM mode for pwmgen; PWM and PDM frequency are now settable by the user; implemented stepgen maxaccel and maxvel; support open-drain GPIOs; all GPIOs now have some representation in HAL (though the ones used by module instances are restricted); encoder improvements.
* Lots of hostmot2 bug fixes, mostly with pwmgen and stepgen. Thanks to all the brave testers!... read more

Posted by Alex Joni 2008-11-12

emc2_2.2.6 Released

Another set of exciting bugfixes:
* fix hal_input manpage
* Fix FTBFS on hardy (texlive-extra-utils)
* (incompatible change) make debounce cfg= match the documentation. If you use a debounce component with multiple groups (e.g., cfg="3 3") this must be changed to use commas instead of spaces: (e.g., cfg=3,3)
* hal_ax5214h: driver fixes from Dave Brink
* stepconf: fix spurious "application closed unexpectedly" messages (for this and other stepconf bugfixes, re-run stepconf and re-save your configuration file)
* stepconf: fix "following error" messages when the requested step rate cannot be attained
* stepconf: fix "following error" messages due to insufficient "stepgen headroom"
* stepconf: if an exception is encountered, show it to the user in a message box.
* stepconf: fix non-working configuration if "Onscreen prompt for tool change" was disabled
* stepconf: allow entry of step and direction timings up to 500000ns
* hal_ppmc: handle faster clock frequency for UPC 3.1 boards
* hal_ppmc: correctly return IO regions at exit
* software encoder counter: fix problem with negative velocity outputs
* Fix handling of G61/G64 after Machine Off (SF#2006736)
* new realtime component: gearchange. selects between two scale factors, two min and max speed limits, and optionally reverses direction of spindle
* new realtime component: invert - outputs the inverse of a float (1/x)
* new realtime component: ilowpass - scale and low-pass on integer values to smooth jog wheel action
* added hostmot2 driver for 5i20 and 7i43
* added sample configuration for the Tormach PCNC 1100

Posted by Alex Joni 2008-08-10

emc2_2.2.5 Released

A couple more improvements/bugfixes:
* Include license statement for the 'Togl' software, which is incorporated in emc2
* added m7i43_hm2, a driver for the Mesa 7i43 board with HostMot2 firmware
* axis: numeric keypad fix in prior version was incomplete
* various documentation improvements
* stepconf: do not allow axis acceleration to be set to zero during an axis test (SF#1938763)
* last move no longer discarded if it's a G1 and the file ends with % (SF#1937281)
* add a workaround which fixes pyvcp for hardy
* backport fix for #1929461 - halui stops reading inputs during a MDI
* Fix a bug that caused backplot to freeze during linear moves
* add serbian translation for AXIS/stepconf

Posted by Alex Joni 2008-04-27

emc2.2.4 released

Another set of bugfixes:
* make xxxmach exit reliably with 'halcmd unload' (SF#1816781)
* hook up encoder index for homing in the motenc sample configuration
* axis: don't reset the interpreter during touch-off and reload. This fixes the loss of modal settings from MDI, including tool length offset, fixing SF#1825638
* stepconf: clarify that it is the ratio of teeth on each pulley that must be entered
* hal_input: fix 'ZeroDivisionError' for absolute axes that report the same value for min and max
* fix various inaccuracies in the documentation
* halscope: fix the time displayed when mousing over a trace
* axis: fix ctrl and - or = starting an unstoppable jog
* axis: fix the numeric keypad with numlock on
* task: fix the initial coordinate system offset (SF#1895693)
* stepconf: fix "Both Limit"-type inputs (SF#1906640)
* stepconf: fix "HOME_SEQUENCE" problem without full set of home inputs (SF#1906641)
* stepconf: fix Z home and limit switches on lathes (SF#1910452)
* stepconf: fix 'offset' value calculated for spindle speed control
* stepconf: enable 'dither-pwm' for spindle speed control
* traj planner: fix velocity 'bobble' between 1st and 2nd consecutive synced moves
* halscope: fix 'sample every Nth time' function
* configs/univstep: fix external estop in this configuration
* pluto_step: fix for negative scale values (SF#1915407)
* pluto_servo: fix for pwm+direction mode
* stepconf: improve calculation of HOME_LATCH_VEL... read more

Posted by Alex Joni 2008-03-16

emc2.2.3 released

The latest bugfix release to emc is now available:

Changes in this release:
* gcode quick reference had G98, G99 transposed
* gcode quick reference had wrong links to G18, G19 documentation
* initialize all axes, including unused ones, to 0.00000. this fixes several problems:
* g38.2 probe logs 0.000000 for axes that do not exist
* several types of 'following error' messages. In particular, 4-axis code seemed to be affected by this.
* axis: make 'touch off' work when the loaded file uses percent signs
* stepconf: fix several problems with Test Axis button
* hal_input: make sure absolute axes are driven with the correct value at startup
* axis: show emc2 version number in title bar
* axis: show lathe tools with very small diameters better
* test suite: update expected results for several gcode tests
* fix sample configuration 'lathe-pluto'
* axis: fix incorrect line in the preview where tool length offset is changed
* fixed ferror problem when using start-from-line
* fix #1853953 M66 doesn't work with parport inputs
* temp fix preventing segfaults on bad M66 indexes
* pluto-step: fix a problem when the motor position went beyond +-2^20 counts
* fix NAN that appears when you move below the lower extent of a screw comp file
* pluto-servo: fix a problem with pwm+direction mode
* updates to romanian translation

Posted by Jeff Epler 2008-01-28

emc2.2.2 released

Changes in this release:

* move hal_unlink manpage to development package
* make gcode quick reference link into our own full gcode reference instead of the outdated nist document
* fix stepconf 'pulley' numbers: the 'motor' and 'leadscrew' fields were transposed
* fix stepconf 'charge pump' pin
* fix stepconf 'external estop' pin
* fix homing in stepconf-created configurations
* fix halshow 'watch pin'
* restore cone rotation when the A-axis moves
* fix 'scara' sample configuration
* fix display of home and limit switches on XYZBC machines
* improve legibility of running line in text area
* additional french documentation translation, including gcode quickref
* improve time estimate in gcode File > Properties: it paid no attention to requested feed rates
* fix ZX-plane (G18) arcs in the AXIS preview window
* fix tripod kinematics example configuration
* fix "arc in mdi takes forever" bug (SF#1834576)
* fix gcode documentation of toolchange
* fix comp311 examples to program Z position
* fix stepconf for negative and fractional axis SCALEs
* implement M66 E- (read analog value from gcode)
* add missing dependency on python2.4-glade
* fix problem where metric image-to-gcode would go to the safety height before setting metric units
* fix stepconf so that axis doesn't display an 'unknown letter' error when starting a lathe configuration
* fix stepconf 'pin 'motion.spindle-speed-in' was already linked' for machines with spindle speed control and spindle feedback
* fix stepconf: don't allow arbitrary text to be entered in comboboxes
* fix stepconf: coolant pins
* stepconf: add parker oem750 timings
* fix stepconf: spindle feedback

Posted by Alex Joni 2007-12-03

emc2.2.1 released

Changes in this release:
* fix packaging of
* german translation improvements
* package additional new-in-2.2.x programs (pumagui, scaragui, hexagui, tracking-test, teach-in)
* fix problems using v2.1 var file -- it's silently upgraded with the new entries used by v2.2 instead of issuing weird errors at startup
* fix problem with probe_parport on certain machines
* fix problem with non-integer INTRO_TIME

Posted by Alex Joni 2007-11-19

emc2.2.0 is finally here

emc 2.2.0 has been released
There have been quite a lot of fixes / improvements:
* G41.1, G42.1, G43.1 to take tool parameters from gcode instead of tool table
* split libposemath and libemcini from libnml
* new inifile item: [HAL]SHUTDOWN, a .hal file run at a clean shutdown of emc
* new component: deadzone
* new component: tristate_float
* new component: random
* new components: clarke2 clark3 clarkeinv
* hexapod visualization
* scara robot sample configuration with visualization
* opengl machine visualization for several "robots"
* new m5i20 firmwares
* M66 - digital input control (wait & read external HAL inputs)
* userspace "comp"
* hal-8255 driver for a PCI multiple-8255 card
* tapered in/out on multipass threading canned cycle
* debug and print output from the interpreter
* named parameters in the interpreter
* puma robot kinematics
* sample configuration for a puma robot
* reduce quantization of the encoder module's velocity output
* MDI history manipulation and save in AXIS
* home to index on STG1
* number of samples in halscope can be specified at runtime
* add 'source' command to halcmd
* add tcl interface to halcmd commands (tcl/
* add "-U" (force unload) to halrun script
* new component: lut5
* image-to-gcode: roughing passes
* automatic arc recognition (used by image-to-gcode)
* Filters can now show progress bars in the AXIS window as they run
* U,V,W linear axes with fully coordinated motion
* probing in A,B,C,U,V,W axes is now allowed
* AXIS: touch-off in any coordinate system
* AXIS: allow starting an editor on the loaded gcode or tool table from the File menu
* AXIS: A much better Velocity display
* AXIS: Preferences set on the View menu are saved for the next EMC run
* Rigid tapping G33.1
* Feed Per Revolution and Constant Surface Speed for lathes
* Index-only homing for configurations where homing on a switch is inconvenient
* G28/G30 now move only the specified axes to the home/reference point
* Improved error messages for incorrect arcs
* All combinations of inch/metric machines running inch/metric programs work correctly when using the tool table. The tool table is always in machine units.
* Now any combination of XYZABCUVW axes can be defined, and trying to move an undefined axis causes a proper error message
* Tool change position can have an ABC component. Previously rotary axes always moved to 0 for a tool change.
* Spindle speed override
* Optional stop
* Analog jogging in halui (for joysticks etc.)
* Fix several-second unresponsiveness when switching between two guis (even if one of them was halui)
* AXIS: Show machine limits with red dashed lines
* Pluto step/direction driver (ALPHA QUALITY DRIVER)
* Halscope display now shows the trace name and parameters for each trace
* Halscope "roll" mode
* Halscope "AC coupling" of signals
* for SMP configurations, run EMC's realtime parts on the highest numbered CPU, since this can be isolated from the rest of linux using isolcpus
* x86_64 port
* powerpc port (sim only)
* fixed a bug that caused helixes with a small circular component to have too low a feed rate

Posted by Alex Joni 2007-11-04

emc2.1.7 released

a couple more steps towards perfection:
* additional PPMC indexing fixes
* motenc indexing fixes
* mesa 5i20 indexing fixes
* french translation improvements from Francis TISSERANT
* fix out-of-order scheduling of motion and custom M-codes
* fix leadscrew error compensation
* fix bug #1734309, M2, M30 in MDI sometimes caused an error
* fix uncommon incorrect path problem while using tolerance mode
* fix incorrect automatic hiding of flood/mist buttons in AXIS gui

Posted by Alex Joni 2007-07-30

emc2.1.6 released

a couple bugfixes:
* fix TkEMC jog increment/continuous doesn't show on screen
* fix ppmc index polarity and HAL hookups
* fix some incorrect comments in hal files
* print a warning when a common hal 'net' error is made
* improve documentation for R format arcs

Posted by Alex Joni 2007-06-08

emc2.1.5 released

a couple bugfixes and improvements:
* set default gains in sum2 component to one instead of zero, so by default it sums its inputs
* AXIS: pass ini file name along to POSTGUI_HALFILE
* pickconfig: make keypad enter key work like main enter key - issue "OK"
* halmeter: fix bug that caused slowdown or freeze if "select" is clicked while the selection dialog is already on-screen
* revert "AXIS: fix changing axes with keyboard while jogging with the jog button", it caused more problems than it solved
* add 'enable' pin to charge-pump component
* fix holecircle
* fix constraint violation right after a probing move
* abort if the probe does not trip before a probing move ends
* index handling fixes for the ppmc series
* improve the initial viewpoint in perspective mode in AXIS preview
* fix mini's jog speed popup

Posted by Alex Joni 2007-05-07

emc2.1.4 released

A couple bugfixes:
* fix image-to-gcode
* fix jog wheel moves that were stopped too soon
* fix bug for the Mini GUI. Simultaneous jogging of multiple axes caused runaways.
* give the axisui hal pins correct initial values so the jogwheel axis matches the screen initially
* fix M51 (spindle speed override enable/disable)
* add "velocity mode" for jogwheels - axis stops immediately when wheel stops, even though that loses position sync between the wheel and axis
* fix occasional warning 'invalid command name "-1211088452callit"'
* fix changing axes with keyboard while jogging with the jog button

Posted by Alex Joni 2007-03-26

emc2.1.3 released

bugfixes, new translations, improvements:
* make 'load' button work in classicladder
* add french translation of axis
* improve italian translation of axis
* make 'milltask' not consume all CPU after 'run from line' has been used
* new userspace component: hal_input for all Linux-recognized input devices
* image-to-gcode: spindle speed and plunge feed rate can now be selected
* image-to-gcode: tool shape compensation bugfixes
* image-to-gcode: add documentation
* stepgen: revise core to eliminate 1 count deadband and resulting "bobbles"
* improve segment throughput for slow machines when using AXIS
* fix cutter compensation sticky words when using zero radius tool
* fix incorrect path in some circumstances after G40 in lathe mode
* in AXIS, unhighlight a program line that was chosen interactively when starting a program. this way, the highlight follows the running program.
* fix some misformatted/truncated error messages

Posted by Alex Joni 2007-03-18

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