emc2_2.3.1 Release

Bugfix version:
* hm2: fixed a bug that would cause the stepgen to oscillate by one
step when the scale was negative
* hm2: use stepgen accel headroom in sample configurations
* configs: add GEOMETRY=AXYZ to Sherline4Axis so A rotates
* Fix hal_joystick 'HAL: ERROR: pin_new called after hal_ready'
* documentation improvements
* Fix User and HAL manual links in applications menu
* latency-test: fix illegible font on some systems
* comp: fix a compiler warning when array variables are used
* x86_64/rtai: fix a crashing bug reported by Michael Buesch
* ppc64/sim: fix a compilation error reported by Michael Buesch

Posted by Alex Joni 2009-05-17