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emc2_2.2.6 Released

Another set of exciting bugfixes:
* fix hal_input manpage
* Fix FTBFS on hardy (texlive-extra-utils)
* (incompatible change) make debounce cfg= match the documentation. If you use a debounce component with multiple groups (e.g., cfg="3 3") this must be changed to use commas instead of spaces: (e.g., cfg=3,3)
* hal_ax5214h: driver fixes from Dave Brink
* stepconf: fix spurious "application closed unexpectedly" messages (for this and other stepconf bugfixes, re-run stepconf and re-save your configuration file)
* stepconf: fix "following error" messages when the requested step rate cannot be attained
* stepconf: fix "following error" messages due to insufficient "stepgen headroom"
* stepconf: if an exception is encountered, show it to the user in a message box.
* stepconf: fix non-working configuration if "Onscreen prompt for tool change" was disabled
* stepconf: allow entry of step and direction timings up to 500000ns
* hal_ppmc: handle faster clock frequency for UPC 3.1 boards
* hal_ppmc: correctly return IO regions at exit
* software encoder counter: fix problem with negative velocity outputs
* Fix handling of G61/G64 after Machine Off (SF#2006736)
* new realtime component: gearchange. selects between two scale factors, two min and max speed limits, and optionally reverses direction of spindle
* new realtime component: invert - outputs the inverse of a float (1/x)
* new realtime component: ilowpass - scale and low-pass on integer values to smooth jog wheel action
* added hostmot2 driver for 5i20 and 7i43
* added sample configuration for the Tormach PCNC 1100

Posted by Alex Joni 2008-08-10