emc2.2.4 released

Another set of bugfixes:
* make xxxmach exit reliably with 'halcmd unload' (SF#1816781)
* hook up encoder index for homing in the motenc sample configuration
* axis: don't reset the interpreter during touch-off and reload. This fixes the loss of modal settings from MDI, including tool length offset, fixing SF#1825638
* stepconf: clarify that it is the ratio of teeth on each pulley that must be entered
* hal_input: fix 'ZeroDivisionError' for absolute axes that report the same value for min and max
* fix various inaccuracies in the documentation
* halscope: fix the time displayed when mousing over a trace
* axis: fix ctrl and - or = starting an unstoppable jog
* axis: fix the numeric keypad with numlock on
* task: fix the initial coordinate system offset (SF#1895693)
* stepconf: fix "Both Limit"-type inputs (SF#1906640)
* stepconf: fix "HOME_SEQUENCE" problem without full set of home inputs (SF#1906641)
* stepconf: fix Z home and limit switches on lathes (SF#1910452)
* stepconf: fix 'offset' value calculated for spindle speed control
* stepconf: enable 'dither-pwm' for spindle speed control
* traj planner: fix velocity 'bobble' between 1st and 2nd consecutive synced moves
* halscope: fix 'sample every Nth time' function
* configs/univstep: fix external estop in this configuration
* pluto_step: fix for negative scale values (SF#1915407)
* pluto_servo: fix for pwm+direction mode
* stepconf: improve calculation of HOME_LATCH_VEL

www.linuxcnc.org for details how to install it

Posted by Alex Joni 2008-03-16

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