emc2.2.3 released

The latest bugfix release to emc is now available:

Changes in this release:
* gcode quick reference had G98, G99 transposed
* gcode quick reference had wrong links to G18, G19 documentation
* initialize all axes, including unused ones, to 0.00000. this fixes several problems:
* g38.2 probe logs 0.000000 for axes that do not exist
* several types of 'following error' messages. In particular, 4-axis code seemed to be affected by this.
* axis: make 'touch off' work when the loaded file uses percent signs
* stepconf: fix several problems with Test Axis button
* hal_input: make sure absolute axes are driven with the correct value at startup
* axis: show emc2 version number in title bar
* axis: show lathe tools with very small diameters better
* test suite: update expected results for several gcode tests
* fix sample configuration 'lathe-pluto'
* axis: fix incorrect line in the preview where tool length offset is changed
* fixed ferror problem when using start-from-line
* fix #1853953 M66 doesn't work with parport inputs
* temp fix preventing segfaults on bad M66 indexes
* pluto-step: fix a problem when the motor position went beyond +-2^20 counts
* fix NAN that appears when you move below the lower extent of a screw comp file
* pluto-servo: fix a problem with pwm+direction mode
* updates to romanian translation

Posted by Jeff Epler 2008-01-28

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