emc2.1.2 released

some bugfixes:
* change axis.N.homing from HAL parameter to pin, to allow external logic
* add russian translation of AXIS
* fix problem with tolerance mode and angular moves
* fix g28 and g30 to go to the saved position (which is saved in native
machine units) regardless of the currently-active gcode units
* fix unreliable reading of encoders and digital inputs on pluto-servo board
* fix intermittent error "IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
* fix a pinout problem in the stepper-xyza sample configuration
* a few minor documentation updates
* in AXIS, entries on the File menu were enabled/disabled incorrectly.
Now when a program is running, Exit is disabled but Properties is enabled.
* several fixes to tool compensation related to single-arc entry moves,
relative (G91) mode, exit moves, use of sticky words from previous lines
* fix problem with MACHINE ON which was left active on shutdown
* fix circular move "task issue" debug output
* allow configuration of the max linear jog speed in AXIS with
[TRAJ]MAX_LINEAR_JOG_SPEED - especially useful for mixed linear+rotary
* fix interactions between jogwheel, keyboard jogging, and homing
* add jogwheel support to 'max' 4-axis sample configuration

Posted by Alex Joni 2007-03-12

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