emc2.0.3 released

Version 2.0.3, holds a series of bugfixes over the 2.0.1 release. (2.0.2 had a small problem, and existed only shortly)

Several sample configuration files were changed to increase the number of segments per second.

The "hal_parport" module now requires exclusive access to the parallel-port I/O addresses. This may mean that the "parport_pc" Linux kernel module must not be loaded.

The new "probe_parport" module probes for one class of PNP parallel port, and may need to be loaded (halcmd loadrt probe_parport) on some systems if hal_parport is no longer able to communicate with the port.

"halconfig" has been renamed to "halshow" to reflect the fact that the editing portion is not yet complete.

"genhexkins" has been temporarily removed.

Some bugfixes have been made in the segment blending code.

Jogs should now always stop short of the machine's soft limits when an axis is homed.

[TASK]CYCLE_TIME is now honored.

A bogus warning when homing on limit switches is no longer displayed.

Classicladder now cleans up its temporary files when loading or saving.

"stepgen" will no longer give additional following errors when attempting to turn the machine back on.

"halcmd | false" will no longer prevent execution of other halcmds.

tkemc will now appropriately choose between "Courier 10 point" and "courier" fonts, depending on which is available on this system.

Posted by Alex Joni 2006-08-06

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