emc2.0.1 released

Version 2.0.1, holds a series of bugfixes over the 2.0.0 release.

- several fixes for blending of very short segments
- fix for occasional following error while decelerating after abort
- stop jogs a bit short of the soft limits to make sure they are never reached
- fix to honor [TASK]CYCLE_TIME which was being ignored
- fix to remove spurious limit-exceeded warning when homing on a limit switch
- double the size of the hal shared memory block for very complex hal configurations like on the Mazak at CNC workshop
- fix some tmp file handling in classicladder
- now stepper systems recover correctly after following errors (previously turning the machine back on often caused another following error)
- fix a tkemc blocky font that appeared on some X servers
- EMC now verifies that it has exclusive access to the parallel port. This solves many possible problems including overnight cron jobs that interfere with the parallel port. If EMC can't get exclusive access, it will now correctly abort with an error.

Posted by Alex Joni 2006-06-07

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