#90 EMC on FPGA - real time


Hi there,

I am planing to kind of devide the EMC software in two parts, where the first one would be the GUI, Configuration, non-time-critical-stuff and the secend one the Interpolation and other stuff that has to be processes fast. this part will be implemented on a FPGA Cyclon II Board in VHDL.. the communication will be over ethernet probably. The advantage would be, that it is hard-real-time-processing so that professional cnc-mills could run with higher dynamics.later i will include some force,accelearation and velocity sensors on the system.
Now my questions are:
1. Has anybody tried something like this before?
2. how would you divide both parts? between the EMC and the HAL or, somewhere else?
3. Which IDE was mostly used to design EMC? (thats not that important, but makes it easyer to adapt)
it will of course all be OS..

thanks in advance..


  • goaran

    goaran - 2010-04-19
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  • Chris Radek

    Chris Radek - 2010-04-19

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  • Chris Radek

    Chris Radek - 2010-04-19
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