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#335 Axis DTG/preview View options don't work as expected


In master (d87f08b76ef497f9042030e7b8a5784d9e1ce18d), Axis' DRO and preview-overlay are missing the Velocity display.

The View->Show Velocity menu option has no effect.

Now that I look at it, many pf the View->Show Mumble things dont work right. View->Show DTG does not affect the DTG display, but View->Show Offsets turns DTG on/off along with the TLO, G92, etc.


  • Sebastian Kuzminsky

    • Group: --> 2.6
  • Chris Radek

    Chris Radek - 2014-04-24

    The view menu is slightly wonky because "show offsets" makes the results of a few other checkbuttons, like "show velocity", useless because it replaces the entire DRO on the Preview tab with the one from the BIG DRO tab, which does not contain these (in the case of the DTG, it contains a different style; in the case of Velocity it doesn't have it at all). Selecting "show offsets" should probably at least cause those useless ones to be greyed out.

    But the real problem is that before the addition of "show offsets" which does this replacing of the entire DRO, the checkbuttons in View were all orthogonal: any combination of the checkbuttons made sense. Now that is no longer the case, although the UI presentation of checkbuttons tells the user it still is. This needs not a minor tweak, but an overhaul of the view preferences UI.

    The other option would be to make them orthogonal again by adding Velocity to the BIG DRO and doing something (?) about the overall-DTG that's only on the Preview tab. This might be easier, but the cart is leading the horse.

  • Chris Radek

    Chris Radek - 2014-04-24