#312 probe trips message while G38.2 or G38.3


With 2.5.1, with 2 different controlers , I want to use the G38.2 or the G38.3 G-code to set the zero of my machines.
The movement and touching detection is OK BUT I have sometime (more than 50%) an error message just when contacts saying me that the probe trips during a non-probe MDI command. But the G38 is a probe MDI command I think ?!??


  • Sebastian Kuzminsky

    Maybe the electrical signal from your probe is noisy? If your probe move finished because the probe tripped, but then the electrical signal from the probe to LinuxCNC kept bouncing, that might generate this error message.

    Inspect the value on the probe input pin using halscope to see if this is the case. If it is, you can probably fix it easily.

  • Sebastian Kuzminsky

    Did the suggestions you got about signal bounce help? Can we close this issue, or is there more debugging we can help you with?

  • JeromePilot

    JeromePilot - 2013-02-22

    You are probaly right even if with the scope it's not very clear. After grounding everything, changing the power supply, i tried to find a software improvement adding a timer but up to now it's not 100 % working. A g38 choosen without error code was looking like an answer :o)

  • JeromePilot

    JeromePilot - 2013-04-16

    I've add a debounce to my hal file, even with a small number it seems to be working. You were right about a noiy signal.

  • JeromePilot

    JeromePilot - 2013-04-16
    • status: open --> closed

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