#295 images in docs are not managed properly


Several images exist in multiple formats in our repo, for example docs/src/hal/images/stepgen-type2-4.*

There should be only one version in the repo, in an open, editable format, and it should be converted by software as needed for inclusion in the docs (if the native format does not suffice).

I'm not sure what the native format should be. SVG maybe?


  • John Thornton

    John Thornton - 2014-05-28

    The .eps file is needed in order to be able to edit the file. The .png is generated for asciidoc.

  • John Thornton

    John Thornton - 2014-05-28
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    • Group: --> 2.6
  • Sebastian Kuzminsky

    Looking at the git log for the images mentioned above, i see that sometimes the .eps is edited and sometimes the .svg is edited. So that's an unnecessary duplication of effort, and a source of out-of-sync bugs and general confusion.

    Also, it looks like the .png is generated from the .svg by hand, by a human, which seems like another potential source of out-of-sync errors and confusion.

    The .eps has slightly different contents than the .svg (and .png), which is confusing.

    I'd like to see us pick either the .eps or the .svg and get rid of the other, and i'd like the build system to automatically generate the .png from the vector master as needed.