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Version 0.2.4 Released

EmbSysRegView is now built up of two plugins: the view itself and a data plugin. This will hopefully result in quicker data up.
New files from SiLabs (former EnergyMicro) due to their Cortex-M0+ based Zero Gecko family released in Oktober'13
There is now only one embsysregview.dtd in the data folder.
The following patches were submitted:

#9 ATMega16 xml from Brutte
#11 fixed STM32F10X_CL.xml from Chris Morgan
#13 Add support for Atmel SAMA5D3x series Cortex-A5 devices from mattwood2000
#14 UI Improvement: Binary Buttons Cell Editor splitted in Nibbles and add Tooltips from devnow
#15 Add TreeGroup (groupName) support for SVD's from devnow
#16 Add support for Atmel Cortex-M4 devices: ATSAM4E series, ATSAM4LC/LS series, and ATSAM4N series devices by mattwood2000
#17 Add support for Atmel Cortex-M3 devices: ATSAM3N series, ATSAM3S series, ATSAM3SD series, ATSAM3U series, ATSAM3X series, and ATSAM3A series by mattwood2000
#18 Add support for Atmel Cortex M0+ family: ATSAMD20 series by mattwood2000
#19 Add support for Atmel ARM926-ejs MPUs: AT91SAM9G15, AT91SAM9G25, AT91SAM9G35, AT91SAM9X25, and AT91SAM9X35 by mattwood2000
#20 Fix for STM32F050x and STM32F051x reigster address ADC_CFGR1 by Johannes
Posted by Raven Claw 2014-01-21 Labels: 0.2.4

Version 0.2.3 Released

Eclipse Juno Tested

over 600 chip descriptions
New chip description files from EnergyMicro for their new EFM32 Wonder series
modified xml for lpc17XX form Cosik (feature-request 4)
added SVD file for lpc177x8x (feature-request 3)
moved comment after the DOCTYPE element for msp430g2553.xml (patch 8)

Posted by Raven Claw 2013-05-26

Version 0.2.2 released

DSF Framework Integration (thanks to edubec): Its now possible to use "GDB (DSF) Hardware Debug Launcher" in Debug Configurations

contains over 500 chip descriptions ...
New and updated chip description files from EnergyMicro and TexasInstruments
New CMSIS SVD files from Silicon-Laboratories-Inc, Holtek, Fujitsu-Semiconductors

Posted by Raven Claw 2012-10-07

Version 0.2.1 released


New up-to-date chip description files for STM chips with full interpretation support (thanks to Jacon):
cortex-m0: stm32f050x + stm32f051x
cortex-m3: stm32f20x + stm32f21x
cortex-m4: stm32f40x + stm32f41x

Posted by Raven Claw 2012-07-17

Version 0.1.9 of embsysregview released

changes in 0.1.9:

+Support for 8/16 bit registers (via optional register attribute)
+3x OpenMSP430 xml files

Posted by Raven Claw 2011-06-25

Version 0.1.8 of embsysregview released

changes in 0.1.8:

new and updated EnergyMicro xml files
new and updated LuminaryMicro xml files
added STMicro STM32F10X xml files from zoteek
small bugfix parsing xml files

Posted by Raven Claw 2011-05-23

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