Hi Folks,



After some delays due to unexpected problems, we are finally coming up with a new (working) release of EmbeddedXEN, which

includes both dom0 and domU-RT.


A lot of new features and changes have been made in this release (please see git history for all details):


Version 2.0 (End of PENAR project)


* dom0 and domU now fully integrated in the single binary image.

* Script build-embeddedxen for facilitating the build of the kernel.

* Simple application embedded in the nucleus/ directory

* Support for QEMU/Mainstone and Colibri/PXA270 machines.



Technical information


* Simplified hypervisor and guest time management

* IRQs management has also been partially reworked out.

* Handling of page tables of XEN and guest OS now 100% running

* Simplified IRQ Timer management / Only a periodic tick is configured for each guest OS. Frequency is specified at setup.


Further details are to be found in git history.


We are now currently focusing on performance assessment in different scenarios. The kernel scheduler of XEN (currently sched_sedf) has not

been adapted yet. Further changes will come up soon.


Please, if you plan to work with EmbeddedXEN or help us in its development, do not hesitate to contact us via the mailing list.


Enjoy the new EmbeddedXEN!