Hi Folks,


I reworked out a bit the source tree of embeddedXEN in order to paravirtualize Linux in a convenient way.

First, the xen_guest subtree has been created and should contain all generic routines and structures (include/xen_guest is

also available) for all guest OS. miniOS has now been aligned according to this organization and ongoing work on Linux

paravirt based upon Samsung's one takes into account the new structure.


Furthermore, there was quite a big cleaning in the xen/ subtree so that the compilation using the __XEN__ flag is fully

supported for all files located in xen/. __XEN__ is not necessary anymore in the other "guest"-dedicated subtrees.

The xen/arch/arm has also been cleaned; only the files necessary to the hypervisor are present; the other have been moved into

the arch/arm/* subtree.


Currently, adaptations have been made only for the Mainstone board, but not for the Colibri. It will be done in the upcoming weeks.



Kind regards