Hi Thank You,
From your screenshot it seems that you don't have a kernel but only EmbeddedXen.

Oh ...... I thought I got Kernel also, but it's OK,
My main objective is to break and make. I thought I will get it easily by that approach.

Since, bootloader on QEMU for certain machine will already be present, I wanted to test Kernel, Kernel + Xen etc etc.

Xen + linux dom0 + linux domU images together in a single binary uImage. If you follow the build instructions you will get a correct image.

I have successfully loaded embedded-xen on qemu, I just wanted to start to understand how it's made.

For that reason, I have started to pick from roots to make a string.
Qemu terminal session (ctrl-alt-1) and dom0 output and shell in Qemu terminal session 3 (ctrl-alt-3).

Yeah! I got it from Rossier Daniel, and I have successfully got a demo.
> - you don't provide a disk image for the rootfs (-hda tools/rootfs/rootfs_v6.img)

Hey, you in the sense, If I/You/We provide kernel only and do not provide rootfs, ..... that was the case.

BTW, I have got all the packages downloaded.

> My aim will be to use Kernel alone.

I don't understand your use case " to use Kernel alone" .

The same break and make, I just wanted to try.
At some point your kernel will need some user space to jump to... This user space can be minimal (e.g busybox shell only) and completely contained in a RAM disk but is nevertheless required.

Oh, that was really very useful information.

I don't understand what you mean with "If you use a lone kernel image alone, in ELF format / compressed format, it's not working," if you try to boot qemu with a dom0 kernel image alone, it won't work since the kernel will lack some initialization and support provided by the hypervisor. You should nevertheless be able to boot a standard vanilla kernel image (not provided by our project).

Yeah, that vanilla kernel, is somehow responsible for all the other thoughts, I have had.

lone kernel image of vanilla works, I don't know, If some tweaking has already been done. I just tried a downloaded one.

As said above, all images xen + dom0 kernel + domU kernel are packed together in a single binary which is loaded at startup.

Probably, I need to look into the makefile, to know, how it has been done.

P.S. Please prefer plain text emails without embedded pictures for mailing lists.

yeah! sure, I will, just attached pics for easy understanding, I will maximum try to avoid those.

Thanks & Regards :: Krishna Pavan