Hi everyone,


I have just discovered a couple of issues in the just released EmbeddedXEN (2.1).


Actually, the symbolic links which are created during the build of dom0/U fails. I've modified the main Makefile so that

the links are created in the guest trees.


You can re-download the tarball embeddedxen-2.1-base.tar.gz and it should work.


Furthermore, there was a missing dir in drivers/net for the network backend driver in the linux-2.6.32-dom0.

You will find an updated version (still 2.1) in the embeddedxen-2.1-others-dom0 tarball.


Please note also that, at the moment, it is not possible to run only dom0 (without domU). You need to initiate a make command

with both dom0 and domU

(as example: make PLATFORM=versatilev6 DOMAINS="linux-2.6.26-dom0 fab4:linux-2.6.26-domU")


We apologize for these issues.


Kind regards