Hi Krishna,


Please use the official embeddedxen-devel mailing list to post your requests.


Are you sure you downloaded everything? (not only the _base, but also the other images?)

Please go here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/embeddedxen/files/embeddedxen-2.0/

and download/extract all files. Then, you launch the command again.





From: Krishna Pavan [mailto:post4pavan@gmail.com]
Sent: lundi 19 mars 2012 12:48
To: Rossier Daniel
Subject: Regarding Embedded Xen 2.0 Compilation.


Hi Daniel Rossier,

I have worked on the two previous Embedded Xen Versions.
This 2.0 is what I need to try.

Now, I have compilation errors here.

make PLATFORM=versatilev6 DOMAINS="linux-2.6.26-dom0 fab4:linux-2.6.26-domU"
make: *** [versatilev6.linux-2.6.26-dom0/vmlinux] Error 1

My Doubts is

Where is the source_code for linux? Do we have to download and place the configs you have provided in the directories?


Regards :: Krishna Pavan