Hi everyone,

I am trying to execute the emulator and got the following error:

$ make sim
"PANIC: Could not open: /home/punxos/.android/avd/llr-vp.ini"

I could not find the AVD "llr-vp.ini" in the git repositori.

I did the following:

1.- Install SDK linux and add it to $PATH. (android-sdk-linux)
    Should I use "embeddedxen/tools/desire/emulator" instead of
    the emulator provided by android-sdk-linux ?

2.- Clone the repositori (git clone git://embeddedxen.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/embeddedxen/embeddedxen)

3.- Create uimage for goldfish and linux-2.6.59-dom0
    In this point the file "uImage.embeddedxen.goldfish" is created.

4.- Finally I ran "make sim" but the AVD "llr-vp.ini" was not found
by the emulator.

Should I to create it  myself ?
What about others devices like HTC desire ?

I am trying avoid eclipse for now.